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Pires A.F., Marnotes N.G., Bella A., Viegas J., Gomes D.M., Henriques M.H.F., Pereira C.J.D. (2021). Use of ultrafiltrated cow’s whey for the production of whey cheese with Kefir or probiotics. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 101:555-563.

Mileriene J., Serniene L., Henriques M., Gomes D., Pereira C., Sekmokiene D., Kondrotiene K., Kasetiene N., Lauciene L., Andruleviciute V., Malakauskas M. (2020). Edible coating for curd cheese quality improvement-effect of liquid whey protein concentrate based edible coating enriched with cinnamon co2 extract on the quality and the shelf life of east european curd cheese. Journal of Dairy Science (accepted).

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